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An upgraded version of the basic kit of the LLT-11kV, this bundle package comes with everything you need for testing high voltage systems up to 11kV. The main additions to this kit are a phasing rod for testing the phasing of HV systems and a selection of adapters designed to facilitate connecting the main tester to a number of different high voltage applications. A heavy duty carrying case for all equipment is also supplied to ensure it is protected during transportation. An 11kV testing device is included as part of the kit - this is the main tester that will be used to test and is suitable for use on overhead lines, testing switchgear and for use in substations. Once attached to a line this device can be used to gain a measurement of the overall voltage, with all relevant readings displayed on an analogue meter that is attached to the bottom of the rod. This meter can even be rotated, ensuring that it can always be seen when the rod is rotated into more difficult applications. As well as direct voltage measurements it is also possible to use the supplied phasing rod to check the overall phasing of the HV system under test. Both rods are designed to be compatible with the included extension rods and adaptors, allowing the testers to be used in many more applications than the basic kit would allow. The supplied rods are made of high quality fibreglass and polycarbonate, allowing them to be used indoors, outdoors and even in wet conditions! This product is IEC1243 Part 2 compliant. Metrohm LLT-11kV High Voltage Live Line Tester Key Features Suitable for use in testing high voltage systems up to 11kV Hook onto overhead lines, test switchgear and use in substations (or other HV installations) Test system voltage with readings on analogue meter Use supplied phasing rod to test phase status of HV system Available in other voltage models - 3.3, 6.6, 13.8 and 33kV 50/60Hz operation IEC1243 compliant Compatible with extension rods and adaptors (supplied with kit) Full List of Products Included Metrohm LLT-11kV High Voltage Live Line Tester with Earth Lead Phasing Rod with Phasing Lead Proving Unit 2 x Extension Rods 2 x Bent-End Adapters 2 x Overhead Line Adapters Cleaning Kit Heavy Duty Carry Case

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