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Bently Nevada 123135-01 Velomitor Power Power Modul Kit
DESCRIPTION :Bently Nevada  123135-01
The Velomitor® Power Module Kit supplies temporary power to as many as four Velomitor transducers, and provides a convenient interface from the Velomitor transducers (via BNC connector) to machinery diagnostic instrumentation, such as an oscilloscope. The Velomitor Power Module (VPM) is specifically designed for field use where portability and ease of operation are important. 
The VPM is powered by an internal 9-volt transistor battery, or it can be powered by an external +24 Vdc source. The VPM will shut itself off when the battery voltage is too low to provide adequate power to the Velomitor transducer. When operated in the EXTERNAL POWER mode, the VPM requires a +24 Vdc power input, which it converts to a constant current dc power source for use by the Velomitor transducer. Coaxial signal cable is used to connect the Velomitor transducer to the VPM and to diagnostic instrumentation. Two BNC connectors are provided on the front of the VPM for each channel; one each for input and output. A 4.6 m (15 ft) cable assembly is supplied with each kit for interfacing a Velomitor transducer to the VPM. Additional cable assemblies can be ordered as needed. Standard coaxial cable assemblies (male BNC connectors at each end) are used to connect the VPM's transducer signal to the diagnostic instrument. 

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