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SKF Bearing Assessment Kit - CMAK 300-SL

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16 / 02 / 2024
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Detail SKF Bearing Assessment Kit - CMAK 300-SL

SKF Bearing Assessment kit - CMAK 300-SL

SKF Bearing Assessment kit - CMAK 300-SL
The SKF bearing Assessment kit offers multi-parameter machine evaluation.
A convenient collection of measurement devices for all industrial manufacturing plants. The basic SKF Bearing assessment kit makes the assessment of bearing condition a simple task for maintenance, operations, reliability, and vibration analysis departments.
  • Check bearing and lubrication condition
  • Assessment of overall machine condition
The SKF Bearing assessment kit includes:
The SKF Machine Condition Advisor simultaneously measures machine vibration signals and temperature to indicate machine health and bearing condition.
CMSS 3000-SL
The heavy duty SKF Infrared Thermometer is a dual laser sighted, non-contact instrument for long range application.
SKF OilCheck TMEH1
The SKF OilCheck indicates the degradation and contamination level of oil, and detects increased mechanical wear and loss of the oil?s lubricating properties.

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