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  • Bourdon Haenni

Bourdon Haenni

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01 / 12 / 2019
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Fixed measurement scales

compact, low-cost and specifically designed for OEM 
large and medium series applications.

E500, ED500 and E900 series: 
standard models, with flush diaphragm or flush ceramic 
cell (hygienic applications, agressive, viscous, pasty 
products, ...) with CLAMP, DIN, SMS, VARIVENT® connections, submersible (depth and level measurement), for 
high-temperature processes, mounted on chemical seal, 
capillary, siphon, ...

AN6x or ZED500 series: 
with built-in LCD display screen. 

EDX500, Y500 and Y900 series: 
"EEx ia" version.

X500 and X900 series: 
"EEx d" version.

portable electronic pressure gauge  
standard or "EEx ia" version.

AN4x, ZED520 and 540 series, FlexView: 
digital display and indicators, signal conditioners.

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