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  • FW MURPHY, Valves: Fuel M25 / M50 Series M2582-P / M5180-P

FW MURPHY, Valves: Fuel M25 / M50 Series M2582-P / M5180-P

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19 / 04 / 2024
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Detail FW MURPHY, Valves: Fuel M25 / M50 Series M2582-P / M5180-P

Valve Body: Sandcast aluminum, painted red (corrosion resistance). Optional cast steel available for M5081 and M5081FS models only.
Valve Seat: Buna-N
Maximum Pressure Rating:M2582: 80 psig (552 kPa) [5.52 bar]
M5081: 100 psig (689 kPa) [6.89 bar]
M5081FS: 100 psig (689 kPa) [6.89 bar]
Coil Rating: Intermittent duty; coil type must match power source;CD ignition coil resistance: 72 Ω
CD primary voltage current: 1.38 to 3.8 A
M5081FS model: Energized to run (continuous-duty coil) coil resistance:24 Volt model: 136 Ω (0.17 A)
Magneto ignition coil resistance: 0.5 Ω
Magneto primary voltage current: 1 to 5 A
Battery coil resistance: 7 Ω12 or 24 VDC: 1.2 to 2.4 A
Wiring (See Internal Wiring):M2582: Wire leads
M5081 and M5081FS: Terminal blocks
Snap-switch Rating: 5 A @ 480 VAC
Laboratory Approval: CSA listed for Class I, Groups C and D Hazardous Locations. 5 amps maximum; intermittent duty; models M5081 and M5081-CD engine ignition powered and model M5081-B, 24 VAC or VDC; switch contacts rated 5 A @
480 VAC maximum
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Valves: Fuel
M25 / M50 Series
M2582-P / M5180-P

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