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TKSA 60 Wireless Laser Shaft Alignment Tool With Built-in Alignment Ex

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16 / 02 / 2024
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Detail TKSA 60 Wireless Laser Shaft Alignment Tool With Built-in Alignment Ex

TKSA 60 Wireless Laser Shaft Alignment Tool with built-in alignment expertise.
The TKSA 60 is an extremely rugged wireless laser shaft alignment tool that can be used in harsh environments. The system provides instant expertise by providing a built-in step-by-step alignment process, from preparation, inspection and evaluation through correction, reporting and analysis. The system incorporates the latest alignment knowledge based on decades of SKF experience of rotating equipment.
Standard Features:
  • Built-in wireless technology
  • "Swap view" - enables graphics to be swapped from one side of the machine to the other to accommodate the user's position
  • Built-in accelerometer in both measurement units
  • Energy efficiency indicator
  • Fast template
  • Horizontal and vertical alignment
  • Laser or manual soft foot check
Built-in pre-defined alignment process:
The TKSA 60 integrates a pre-defined alignment process into a portable instrument. It provides users with step-by-step instructions on how to perform alignment in the most effective and efficient sequence.
The right tools and materials at the right place at the right time.
The system reminds users of the correct tools and materials to use, before carrying out the alignment job.
Visual inspection - Inspection fields are provided for oil level, leakages, foundation bolt status and wear indications, etc.
Fast template - A database that stores relevant information for the equipment being aligned, such as machinery name plate data, current shims and shaft diameter for re-use in future activities.
Soft foot check - The system gives users the choice to find, correct and record soft foot conditions by either laser or by feeler gauges.
Horizontal and vertical shaft alignment - Measurements are performed at any of three positions, with a shaft rotation of as little as 40 degrees.
The system assists users to compare inspection results with the information saved in the fast template so as to identify and prioritize corrective actions.
Real-time correction - The system displays the live actual value and direction for accurate misalignment correction.
Results in graphical format - The results are shown in graphical format and the file can be easily copied and pasted into documents on a PC.
The results show the machine conditions "as-found" and "as-corrected". Desired tolerances are also displayed.
Energy efficiency - The system reports estimated extra energy consumption due to misalignment.
Alignment reports are recorded in the system, which helps users periodically compare the alignment history and monitor the machine's health trend.

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