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  • HOKUYO-Electronic Counter/DC-JB/JC

HOKUYO-Electronic Counter/DC-JB/JC

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16 / 02 / 2024
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Detail HOKUYO-Electronic Counter/DC-JB/JC

HOKUYO Control Panel

Electronic Counter/DC-JB/JC

-> Excellent visibility by white LCD
-> It can be changed to easy mode or multi mode. It can show the setting condition.
-> 12 digits total counter is built-in.(It can show producing numbers per day, month or year)
-> Corresponding to each output mode(Self-holding, One-shot, Agree, Comparing)
-> Pre-scale function provides.(0.001 to 9.999) Decimal point can be changed.
-> Corresponding to each input mode(increment/decrement independence, Phase-difference, Increment, Decrement, Increment/decrement command
-> CE Marking, IP66 protection(only front panel with rubber packing), Protecting structure with terminal cover, Key-protection for prevention mishandling provides
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