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  • Fisher 67CFR Filter Regulator Fisher Pressure Control Valve

Fisher 67CFR Filter Regulator Fisher Pressure Control Valve

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16 / 02 / 2024
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Detail Fisher 67CFR Filter Regulator Fisher Pressure Control Valve

250 Psi Fisher 67CFR Filter Regulator Fisher Pressure Control Valve For Reducing Pressure

Fisher 67CFR-239 direct-operated regulators and filter regulators are typically used to provide constantly controlled, reduced pressures to pneumatic and electropneumatic controllers and other instruments. These are suitable for most air or gas applications. Other applications include providing reduced pressures to air chucks, air jets, and spray guns.

Available Configurations

End Connection 1/4" NPT
Maximum Inlet Pressure 250 psig / 17.2 bar
Spring Range 0-125 psi/ 0-8.6bar
Pressure Registration Internal
Smart Bleed Check Valve Set point 6 psi / 0.41 bar differential

Principle of Operation

67CFR Filter Regulator Downstream pressure is registered internally on the lower side of the diaphragm. When the downstream pressure of Filter Regulator is at or above the set pressure, the valve plug is held against the orifi ce and there is no fl ow through the regulator. When demand increases, downstream pressure drops slightly allowing the spring to extend, moving the stem down and the valve plug away from the orifi ce. This allows fl ow through the regulator.

Internal Relief (Types 67CR, 67CSR, 67CFR, and 67CFSR)

If for some reason, outside of normal operating conditions, the downstream pressure exceeds the setpoint of the regulator, the force created by the downstream pressure will lift the diaphragm until the diaphragm is lifted off the relief seat. This allows flow through the token relief. The relief valve on the Type 67CR, 67CSR, 67CFR, or 67CFSR is an elastomer plug that prevents leakage of air from the downstream to atmosphere during normal operation, thereby conserving plant air.

Smart Bleed Airset

In some cases, it is desired to exhaust downstream pressure if inlet pressure is lost or drops below the setpoint of the regulator. For example, if the regulator is installed on equipment that at times has no flow demand but is expected to backflow on loss of inlet pressure. The Types 67CFR and 67CFSR can be ordered with the Smart Bleed option which includes an internal check valve for this application. During operation, if inlet pressure is lost, or decreases below the setpoint of the regulator, the downstream pressure will back flow upstream through the regulator and check valve. This option eliminates the need for a fixed bleed downstream of the regulator, thereby conserving plant air.

Overpressure Protection

The 67C Series filter regulators have maximum outlet pressure ratings that are lower than their maximum inlet pressure ratings. A pressure relieving or pressure limiting device is needed if inlet pressure can exceed the maximum outlet pressure rating.

Types 67CR, 67CSR, 67CFR, and 67CFSR have a low capacity internal relief valve for minor seat leakage only. Other overpressure protection must be provided if the maximum inlet pressure can exceed the maximum pressure rating of the downstream equipment or exceeds the maximum outlet pressure rating of the regulator.

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